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Company background


EKD was established in January 2005 with the aim of providing specialist design services to manufacturers and users of special electric motors, generators, position sensors and drive electronics.


We realised that not all motor manufacturers employ full-time electromagnetic design professionals. We were also aware that motor purchasers often wanted to receive independent, detailed and impartial advice from specialist designers.


Our clients value us for the accuracy and thoroughness of our technical work, our innovative design solutions, our manufacturing knowledge and our responsiveness to customers’ needs.


From the outset we targeted a global market, a strategy which has proved highly successful. We prefer to trade in UK pounds, Euro or US dollars, and we can accept payment by Pay Pal. The business is 100% privately owned.


Alastair Flew.  Electro Kinetic Designs

Alastair Flew


The proprietor and founder of EKD is Alastair Flew, a chartered electrical engineer who has spent his entire career designing electrical machines within a manufacturing environment.  Alastair has a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and is a corporate member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology. He is registered with the Engineering Council.


Alastair has accumulated over 40 years of experience in electromagnetic, mechanical, thermal and electronic design, managing engineering teams, liaising with customers and benefiting from working with some of the industry’s leading authorities in their respective fields.  He has a reputation within the industry for delivering elegant, effective designs which are technically excellent, yet practical to implement.


Combining sound subject knowledge with good understanding of manufacturing techniques and a strong 'hands-on' attitude, Alastair is customer focused and has excellent communication skills.  These qualities, together with a wide network of supplier and customer contacts, help EKD to be the successful small business it is today.


Business model


The business model of EKD is that of a design consultancy. Whenever possible we offer fixed prices for defined tasks, and we try hard to ensure that the scope of work is properly defined and documented at the outset. For larger contracts we break work down into work packages with well defined outputs and payment milestones. In this way clients can easily observe progress and control costs.



ISO 9001


Within the scope of design and analysis of bespoke, high performance electric motors, generators, position sensors and actuators the management system at Electro Kinetic Designs Ltd has been approved by Alcumus ISOQAR and is compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015







Our clients naturally expect to be able to freely discuss their business with us, and we encourage this. Client confidentiality has always been of paramount importance to us, and we are happy to sign any reasonable Non-Disclosure Agreement. Moreover, regardless of whether or not a formal NDA is in place, we never discuss the designs or business of our clients with others. This fundamental principle pervades all our activities and stems from the most basic of business concepts; our clients can depend completely on our integrity.



Outsourcing to EKD


Cost effective

EKD will undertake short commissions and offer fixed pricing for defined packages of work. We often find that a small, technically authoritative input from EKD can move a project along by a large amount.


Easy to use

We don’t necessarily need a complex briefing document. In fact, clients often provide a bare minimum of technical input which then forms the basis for a meeting or telephone discussion. And before starting a task, we always provide a written quotation which clearly summarises the work to be performed, the outputs from that work, and the timescales involved.



By remaining focused on the machine-specific issues, EKD can often respond faster than clients’ own in-house design teams. And if we uncover a problem that might impact your project, we’ll tell you about it quickly and clearly, and suggest ways it might be overcome.



Motor designers are retiring much faster than they are being trained. By outsourcing to EKD, our clients can overcome their problems of diminishing technical design expertise.


Flexible working

Our aim is to give our clients what they need, in whatever form is most convenient to them. Our output can be anything from basic hand sketches to a full manufacturing drawing pack, on your drawing sheets or ours. Paper or electronic drawings, or as a STEP file to incorporate in your own 3-D CAD model.



EKD has over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke and specialised motors, generators, sensors, electronics and actuators. Naturally, we also stay abreast of current developments by engaging in CPD activities and by participating in industrial and academic events. In this way, our clients can be assured that the advice they receive from us is sound, relevant and fully up-to-date.


Client focus

EKD understands the vital importance of clear and appropriate technical and commercial communication, defining the nature, scope, cost and timescale of work to be performed, and making and delivering on commitments.


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