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In the same way as an architect designs buildings for others to construct, EKD designs products for others to manufacture. It follows that our products are our designs. Some of the product types we design are shown below.

2 pole, wound field brushed DC motor

Brushed DC motors
  • Permanent magnet
  • Wound field
  • Frameless torque motors
  • Starter motors
  • Multi-pole motors

4 pole, interior Rotor brushless DC motor

Brushless DC motors
  • Interior rotor
  • Exterior rotor
  • Frameless torque motors
  • Trapezoidal or Sinusoidal drive
  • Integrated or external electronics
  • 1, 2, or 3 phases
  • Slotless

8 pole, variable frequency induction motor with cage rotor

AC motors
  • Induction motors
  • Synchronous motors
  • Line-start PM motors
  • 1, 2 or 3 phase synchronous reluctance motors

10 pole permanent magnet alternator

  • Permanent magnet
  • Frameless or semi-housed PMAs
  • Combined starter motor/generators
  • High speed or low speed

3 phase variable RELUCTANCE stepping motor

Stepping motors
  • Variable reluctance
  • Permanent magnet
  • Hybrid
  • Non-standard step angle

2 phase brushless resolver

Position sensors
  • Resolvers
  • RVDTs
  • LVDTs

4 pole limited angle motor

Limited angle motors
  • Slotted stator
  • Toroidally wound stator
  • Multiple-lane redundancy

2 pole magnetic detent device

Novel designs
  • Magnetic detent devices
  • Brakes
  • Solenoids
  • Eddy current brakes


  • Linear actuators
  • Rotary actuators
  • Position feedback options
  • Analog or digital control options


New products

We are constantly adding to this list and we are always happy to discuss new product types. In addition, we are able to propose solutions comprising combinations of the above, or by adding complimentary components such as gearboxes, ball screws and roller screws. For example, a rotary actuator might consist of a motor, rotary position sensor and gearbox, whilst a linear actuator could include a motor, linear position sensor and ball screw.


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