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EKD’s customers come from many different industry sectors and have widely differing requirements and budgets. To accommodate all needs, we offer adaptable and flexible ways of working. Projects typically involve one or more of the following tasks:


Conceptual design


Often in support of a client’s proposal to their customer, this is likely to include selection of product type, preliminary sizing and performance prediction. We can prepare complete technical proposals if required, including responses to higher-level technical requirements.


Detail electromagnetic design


For clients with their own draughting capacity, we can provide the basic electromagnetic design: lamination profiles, magnet definition, winding details. This can be in the form of hand sketches, annotated diagrams, or any other convenient format.


Detail design with manufacturing drawings


For clients with limited draughting capacity, we can provide the design in the form of piece-part and assembly drawings, with parts lists, either on your drawing sheets or ours. And this can extend to drawings of the entire product, complete with shaft, housing, bearings etc.




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Dial-weight dynamometer

Technical support


EKD are able to undertake a full range of technical support activities, such as mass analysis, thermal analysis, materials compatibility, reliability calculations and life prediction.


EKD can compile compliance statements and design verification matrices, and prepare test plans and detail test procedures.


EKD provide support at all key review milestones throughout a product’s development phase, up to and including manufacturing handover. This will typically include some or all of the following: Preliminary Design Review, Critical Design Review, Test Readiness Review, Test Results Review and Manufacturing Readiness Review.


Prototype manufacturing


It is often desirable to validate a new design by building a prototype. A prototype provides the means of confirming the accuracy of the theoretical design, and enables the performance to be demonstrated in the client’s system. Using our wide network of supply-side contacts, we can often do this more quickly and effectively than the client themselves.

Project management


In addition to managing our own activities, EKD can manage wider projects on behalf of our clients. Preparation of programmes, cost estimates, procurement and supply chain management are all areas where our long-established familiarity with the industry brings great advantages. This includes management of work performed in external facilities such as environmental test houses.

Independent advice


At EKD we are very proud of our independence.  We are self-owned and we do not get paid or receive benefits for promoting the products of any organisation or manufacturer.


To us, independence means knowing as many different motor manufacturers and component suppliers as possible.  We like to visit facilities and form relationships with key personnel. We form our own opinions as to organisations’ particular capabilities, strengths and weaknesses.


This enables us to help our clients select products, suppliers and manufacturing techniques best suited to their needs - whatever they may be - without fear or favour.  We make no secret of this approach, and our supply-side contacts know this and respect us for it.


We can also comment upon issues such as materials selection, methods of manufacture and suitability for purpose, all in an informed and objective manner.   This extends to end-of-life and “post-mortem” examinations of worn-out or failed motor products. 

Testing and evaluation


EKD have a steadily increasing range of dynamometers, drives and general test equipment. This enables us to 'close the loop' on our own designs by checking they perform as intended, and it also means we can test other motors to independently verify manufacturers’ claims or to establish performance under particular conditions.

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